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Insights from Experience

Watertight documentation fosters trust and transparency between all parties involved. Navigating complex transactions of large-scale infrastructure projects requires meticulous documentation to ensure smooth execution and minimize risk. 

Over the years, we’ve cultivated a deep understanding of the critical documents that underpin successful infrastructure financing. This knowledge allows us to anticipate potential roadblocks and expedite the approval process. 

Our team possesses unparalleled experience in crafting comprehensive documentation that addresses every aspect of the financing process.

We offer the following value-added services for our clients:

Project Viability Assessment

We provide in-depth studies to assess your project’s viability and potential for success.

Bonding Capacity up to US$20 Billion

Secure your project with our massive bonding capacity, ensuring timely completion on budget.

Bankable Financial Models

We create robust financial models for you, ensuring financial viability and sustainability.

Comprehensive Project Risk Assessments

We work pro-actively to identify and mitigate potential risks before they occur or impact projects.

Harness the power of our deal rooms to:

Securely share project information, receive expert business valuations, and accurately determine the worth of your project. With our comprehensive business appraisals and valuation services, ensure the success and profitability of your ventures.

Insurance, Bonds, ECA & Loan Default Guarantees

Protect your project with comprehensive insurance, bonding options, export credit agency support, and loan default guarantees.

Corporate Due Diligence and Profiles

Gain in-depth insights into potential partners and ensure project success through thorough due diligence.

Concession Agreements & SOAs

Secure project rights and navigate legal complexities with expert-crafted agreements and statements of work.

Site Selection & Economic Impact Studies

While you/ we choose the optimal location, we document the project’s economic impact on the economy and its surrounding areas.

ESG & Sustainability Assessments

We ensure the project meets all environmental regulations in our/ your commitment to a sustainable future.

Resources for Infrastructure Swaps

We source access to specialized resources and expertise to navigate the complexities of infrastructure swaps.