Tenet DFS LLC is your one-stop resource for securing the capital needed to bring your medium and large-scale projects to life, anywhere in the world. Headquartered in Louisiana, USA and with branches in New York and representative offices worldwide, Tenet DFS offers a rich reservoir of expertise and fortified resources. We empower you, our client, with a formidable advantage in navigating the intricate landscape of finance, facilitating the realization of financial aspirations for your projects with precision and poise.

Drawing on our comprehensive knowledge and capabilities, you gain a significant advantage in achieving project goals, approaching a level of enhanced financial predictability.

Unprecedented Access:

We offer unprecedented access to funding, leveraging the strength of Western Export Credit Agencies and Direct Loans & Guarantees to provide up to $67 billion USD annually.

Powerhouse Financing:

Our structure boasts a dynamic one-two punch. 

First, we secure direct loans of up to $1 billion USD from the U.S. Treasury, with extended tenors of 25 years. This rock-solid foundation is then amplified by single project and portfolio facility guarantees, paving the way for a global syndication of a staggering $9.5 billion USD. Imagine: 19 leading third-party lender (TPL) banks, each contributing an average of $500 million USD, fueling visionary projects with unparalleled resources!

Shielded by the Project:

Unleashing Non-Recourse Power. Our financing eliminates sponsor risk. Forget loans that burden personal assets; we focus solely on the project’s potential. Non-recourse loans act as a shield, secured by the project’s own assets and repaid entirely from its cash flow. Your vision becomes the engine, driving its own financial success.

Where Revenue Meets Reward

To be green lit by Tenet DFS, your project must possess the strength to generate substantial revenue streams. This revenue must not only service debt but also translate into a healthy return on investment for your shareholders.